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This page lists down the instructions for various ICT activities in the school.


Page Description
Student Handbook MHJC Student Handbook
Joining the school wifi How to connect your BYOD device to the mhjcstudent WLAN
BYOD programs BYOD software programs download links
BYOD Printing How to print from your BYOD device
A4 Page Size How to ensure your page size has been set to A4 for various programs
Install Texthelp Read Write How to install Read Write tutorial

MHJC Online

Page Description
Checking 4 Cornerstones eBadges How to check that your 4 Cornerstones eBadges is accurate
Great Learner Progressions and Holistic Reports Great Learner Progressions and Holistic Reports explained
The GREAT Learner Student Learner Videos for the GREAT Programme
GREAT Learner Evidence How to upload your GREAT Learner evidence to Mission Heights Online
Updating Holistic Reports Updating the Holistic Reports with new criteria
Holistic Reflections How to add your Holistic Reflection to Mission Heights Online

Access-IT Library

Page Description
How to use the library page How to use the library page
Writing Reviews How to write reviews for books on AccessIT
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