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Printing from your BYOD device

* You can print from your BYOD devices. However, you can only print A4 documents that have been converted to PDF. You cannot print a PDF exported from Google Slides.

* Click on the MHJC Printing link

* Login with your school username (without the and school password.

* Select Web Print and then select “Submit a job”

* Select a printer and then select “Print Options and Account Selections”.

* Enter the number of copies you want to print and then click on “Upload documents” to upload your A4 PDF document.

* Drag the desired file into the upload box or click on “Upload from computer” to upload the file. Click on “Upload and complete” to proceed.

* The system processes the job as shown in the next picture.

* When ready, it will say “Held in a queue”.

* You can click on the link to either manually release the job to a printer or cancel the job altogether.

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