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Using Classwize


Classwize can be used to monitor and focus student internet usage. You can also use it to block or enable students or certain websites. If you focus a class, remember to unfocus the class after the session.

Use this link to log into the Classwize dashboard

How-To Video

How to monitor internet usage

* Navigate to the Classwize website using the link provided above.

* If prompted for the school name, type in Mission Heights Schools.

* Type in your school username (without the and in lowercase) and password and click on Login.

* You will see the list of classrooms available. Note that DEEP, ACE and option subjects are not listed here. Select the class that you want to monitor and turn the switch on for that class.

* A window will pop up.

* Select the time period that you want to monitor the class for. In most cases, 1 day will suffice.

* Click on Start Session to start the monitoring. You will be brought straight to the activity screen for the entire class. Use the switches on the right hand side to switch on and off the particular access.

* Click on the Screens tab to look at each individual student and which website they are going onto.

How to focus a class

* Navigate back to the Activity Tab.

* Click on Focus Class.

* Select the websites and / or applications that you want to allow. You can select more than 1. If you make a mistake, use the red X at the right hand side to delete away the website or application.

* Click on Save to make the changes active

* Remember to unfocus a class afterwards.

How to create a temporary rule for the class to access a banned website


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