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Devices in the Mission Heights Schools

I get asked a lot about what device their child should be buying for use in school or to enable to finish their homework at home. The minimum specifications for MHJC states the following :-

For Windows and Mac laptops,

* 4GB of RAM * 64GB SSD

For tablets,

* 9.7 inch screen

For Chromebooks,

* 11.6 inch screen * 4GB RAM * 16GB SSD

I always recommend that parents buy for their children a computer that they can afford and which can last for at least 3 years. Starting from this year, we have stopped recommending tablets and Chromebooks in MHJC. This is because of the new digital curriculum in MHJC that requires them to install certain software, which can be found here.

You can argue that tablets and Chromebooks are increasing in functionality (eg. Chromebooks with Android apps) so we will revisit this recommendation on a yearly basis.

I see no advantage in students purchasing Mac laptops as opposed to Windows laptops. We are a Google Suite school and as such, we are device agnostic. Android tablets are slowly going out of fashion and as mentioned earlier, will be replaced by Chromebooks running Android apps.

Extended warranties are always useful. Students can be hard on their devices - we know that from experience and so we recommend that parents purchase an extended warranty that includes a loan device if the device has to be sent off for repair.

These pointers also apply to parents with children in Mission Heights Primary. The school has a fleet of Chromebooks that students have been using to great effect. It would make sense for you to purchase Chromebooks too since your children will using the Google Suite extensively, in addition to external programmes such as Mathletics & Spellodrome and Reading Eggs.

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