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Welcome to the Mission Heights Junior College Wiki

This is the Mission Heights Junior College knowledge base.

This page lists down the instructions for various ICT activities in the school.


MHJC Online

Page Description
Setup Rubrics on MHOL How to set up rubrics in MHJC Online assignments
Setup Outcomes on MHOL How to set up outcomes in MHJC Online assignments
Send eReports from MHOL How to send automated eReports from MHJC Online
Enter AOs on MHOL How to enter achievement objectives into MHJC Online
Setup Student Feedback Survey on MHOL How to set up student feedback survey in MHJC Online
Enter Student Cornerstones on MHOL How to enter student cornerstones into MHJC Online


Page Description
Mark attendance on KAMAR How to mark attendance on KAMAR
Send letters from KAMAR How to send letters using KAMAR
Enter NCEA results into KAMAR How to enter NCEA results into KAMAR
Print teacher timetables from KAMAR How to print out teacher timetable summary from KAMAR
KAMAR web access How to access KAMAR from Google Chrome


Page Description
Using MHJC Intranet How to use MHJC Intranet effectively


Page Description
Guest WLAN access How to join the Guest WLAN network
Allow access to Youtube video How to allow students access to Youtube video
Get access to CricHQ How to get Internet access for sports iPads for CricHQ


Page Description
Joining the school wifi How to connect your BYOD device to the mhjcstudent WLAN
BYOD programs BYOD software programs download links
BYOD Printing How to print from your BYOD device
A4 Page Size How to ensure your page size has been set to A4 for various programs
Checking 4 Cornerstones eBadges How to check that your 4 Cornerstones eBadges is accurate
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