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Year 6 Open Evening

It was a pleasure meeting some of you during last week’s Year 6 Open Evening and I answered a lot of your questions regarding devices in use in the school and how your child will be using them.

I will always refer parents on the specifications detailed in our blog post here. That page will always be updated as the school develops and refines its curriculum. But in essence, we encourage parents to purchase a functional device for their child that would last for the duration of their studies in the school.

The name change this year is Choose Your Own Device from Bring Your Own Device. While this is a small change, its intent is to bring about an awareness that parents and students have to choose a device that falls within guidelines specified by the school.

An interesting question I received this year is how the students will use their device in the school. As with most schools, the school and its teachers do not believe in simply putting students in front of a screen. The device is used as a tool in further researching, applying and reinforcing the concepts learned and this is key to the school’s pedagogy. This means that your child will not be using the device in all the lessons in a day.

If you have any further questions that you need clarification in, feel free to get in touch at

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