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 +===An Introduction====
 +Warm greetings to all parents on this sunny (and cold) Thursday. My name is Mark Chang and I am the ICT manager for the Mission Heights Schools. It is truly a privilege to work alongside some of the brightest individuals I've ever met in the course of my work here and one thing I have learnt here in the school is to adopt a lifelong attitude of learning. I hope we all can impart such an attitude to our children.
 +This ICT blog hopes to achieve the following :-
 +* Act as a communication portal between parents (in fact, the wider community as a whole) and the ICT team
 +* Raise cybersafety awareness among parents
 +* Give practical tips on how best to use the internal systems in the school (ie. the reporting systems) as well as some advice on external software. 
 +* And in a bite-sized 2 to 3 minute read in layman terms. I will try not to use any complicated tech jargon and even if it is used, it will be explained.
 +We hope that parents and children will find this useful.
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